GPI – WE SPORTIFY POKER™ (Our Leap of Faith)

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The Poker Ranking Authority

Mediarex Sports & Entertainment started in 2012, acquiring the Global Poker Index (GPI) within the same year and following this up with another acquisition in 2013 – – the largest live poker database in the world, with more than 200,000 events covered in 95 countries withing 1,400 casinos and 400,000 players profiled across more than 12 years. With these two acquisitions, we quickly became a leading digital hub for the poker industry with more than 4.5 Million visits (poker players) per year making use of our services every year.

The goal is to build an organization capable of structuring the Poker ecosystem like a legitimate Sport. Hence the mantra “We Sportify Poker™ ”. The reason is simple – the Live Poker industry has grown enough to warrant this effort. Some numbers speak for themselves: The Top 300 GPI ranked players earn an average of $600,000 per year and as a group poker players spend more than $1.15 billion per year on live tournaments, an increase of 10% in 2014.

World Cup & Professional League

GPI does much more than rank players; we’re creating a new layer of sports formatted competitions, leagues, industry engagement initiatives, and marketing verticals to connect Poker more intimately with the mainstream world. Our first successful foray into this has been the Global Poker Masters which gathered 40 of the best poker players from Poker’s top 8 nations with combined lifetime winnings of more than $182.8 Million in Malta on March 21st – 22nd, 2015 for 2 Days of livestreamed, sports formatted competition. Over 1.2 Million poker fans tuned in live to watch & the Masters – Poker’s 1st legitimate World Cup – met with praise from fans, media and players alike.

We’re also proud to introduce the Global Poker League (GPL) – Poker’s professional league and the first sports formatted poker competition of its kind. GPL’s 1st season will feature 8 Franchise teams competing across multiple events around the world and is structured as any other competitive sports league is. GPL’s inaugural season – slated to kick off as early as September 2015 – will likely feature 10 separate livestreamed competitions coordinated with major Poker festival/ tournament stops & feature online competitive components as well. Like the Global Poker Masters, GPL will be livestreamed and distributed digitally through Twitch, USA Today and other GPI media partners.

GPL doesn’t feature a buy-in. Teams and team owners instead compete for a piece of GPL’s league-wide payouts each season. The League is built to create effective connections between sponsors and fans, creating a highly monetizable marketplace akin to other conventional sports while keeping the integrity of the game fully intact.  The GPL will also feature large scale engagement with GPIs 1,400+ partner Casinos around the world and online poker room partners, running free-to-enter qualification events to give casual poker players the chance to join GPLs eligible wildcard pool and be drafted by one of the League’s teams – a “fast track” to connect players of any level with a legitimate opportunity to compete at the game they love on a global world-class stage.

Poker Awards

GPI has also reinvented the European Poker Awards – the region’s premiere recognition platform for 14 years running, last held in Malta on March 25th 2015 – and launched the American Poker Awards in Beverly Hills, on February 27th, 2015 at the SLS Hotel. The European and American ceremonies also featured regional Poker Conferences, attended by top players, poker journalists and industry leaders. Both widely covered, the European and American Poker Awards & Conferences in 2015 served as a successful proof-of-concept going forward that the Poker Industry can (and will) come together in solidarity to help itself evolve, grow and improve the Sport of Poker.


Content & Services are in the fray as well, with GPI providing data and syndication of digital content to mainstream portals and print publications including USA Today, SportingNews, CineSport, and, among many other international outlets.

We’ve also jumped into the social gaming arena with the launch of Fantasy Poker Manager – a game which now boasts more than 140,000 registered players and holds the distinction of being the official exclusive Fantasy Poker Game for the World Series of Poker, European Poker Tour and the World Poker Tour for 3 years running.

Poker is more than just a $4 billion market vertical. Its a sport, a game, a passion for millions, and a way of life for millions more. We’re here to Sportify Poker™ – to push Poker to become more mainstream, connect consumer brands to Poker’s 100 Million+ fans around the world, and to structure the industry to growth to the next level.

We want to own the Sport of Poker.

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