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The maintains the world’s most popular, comprehensive and widely viewed database of live poker tournaments all around the globe.

Hendon Mob Poker Database

Frequented by over 500,000+ visitors every month, the website also features both upcoming tournament schedules, as well as comprehensive results for completed tournaments – all of which are updated on a daily basis.

The Poker Database Authority was launched in 2003 and has been acquired by Global Poker Index in August 2013. It is kept constantly up to date with the latest results as they arrive and also features a Poker Community  Forum.

Since 2003 the website has been the most comprehensive database of poker players, poker venues, poker festivals, poker events and live poker results.

To date the poker database includes over 200,000+ tracked poker events and upwards of 350,000+ unique player profiles.

The poker database is unrivaled in terms of scope or depth in the poker world, and features definitive listings for categories including:

The Poker Database Raking Authority Highlights

[list style=”star”][list_li]1450 casinos in 95 countries.[/list_li][list_li]All-Time poker tournament money winners.[/list_li][list_li]Individual player winning history with over 350,000+ players profiled worldwide.[/list_li][list_li]Individual Tournament results with over 200,000+ tournaments profiled.[/list_li][list_li]All-Time poker tournament money winners by country.[/list_li]
[list_li]All-Time poker tournament money winners by state for U.S. based players. [/list_li][list_li]Active community forum for players and poker fans.[/list_li][list_li]Poker related tools and promotions.[/list_li][list_li]Features, news, tournament spotlights, and customizable content with a subscription.[/list_li][list_li]Visit[/list_li][/list]

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