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The Global Poker Index (GPI) has the content your audience is interested in and access to Poker Industry advertisers eager to reach them. As a Syndication Content Network, GPI has the reach and content volume to supply major news and sports outlets – both digital and brick and mortar – with full spectrum coverage of the live tournament poker ecosystem. This includes player information, event coverage, news, editorials, rankings, and everything in between.

Conventional sports fans primarily consume information on their sport of choice via dedicated sports news portals and sports sections of mainstream outlets – not directly from ‘league’ sites. Sports content may be born on sites such as,, and others, but it only reaches the lion’s share of its audience after it’s syndicated across popular mainstream sports media portals. It’s this exact pattern of syndicated content consumption that GPI is invested in creating for the Sport of Poker.

Why follow the sports content syndication trend?
Visitors to major sports sites tend to share a significant interest in poker, and behave similarly when searching this content out.

What’s the common thread?
Our full spectrum, advertisement infused syndicated poker content. GPI doesn’t strive to bring people into the poker world, but rather bring the poker world directly to the people.

Why use our poker content syndication network?
There’s no other entity within the Poker World that has successfully traversed each of the games industry verticals, and connected with the full spectrum of poker players – from average fans, to small stakes players, celebrities, up to the games global elite talent.


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